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DentaSplash® - the handy, portable and practical oral irrigator...

.... for travel, school, office and home use.

  • DentaSplash® is the handy, portable and economic oral irrigator for travel, school, office and home use.

  • DentaSplash® operates manually, without electricity or batteries. 

  • Portable unit of approx. 5 inches.

  • Individually adjustable pump action for sensitive teeth or gums, optional use of an antibacterial mouthwash, just add to watertank.

  • DentaSplash® comes highly recommended for cleaning of orthodontia or dentures.


DentaSplash - Munddusche ohne Strom und Batterien DentaSplash® - Gastner Dentalhygiene - info@dentasplash.de

DentaSplash - Innovative Zahnhygiene